Google: Hospitality features for hotels with Google Nest integration presented

Google has some news to present again that we don’t have to worry about (for the time being) in this country. However, since business and private travel is still going on in times of Corona, it could well be that you come into contact with the new hospitality functions of Google much sooner than you think. These are services that you can use as a guest in hotels and other accommodations in order not to have to contact the staff for every little thing or to simply make your stay a little more comfortable.


According to Google, the partner facilities will receive a Nest Hub Smart Display for each hotel room. This can then be used for all sorts of useful things via Google voice commands: querying the weather report, waking you up, but also sending service requests to the hotel. It should be possible to ask, “Hey Google, ask my hotel for additional towels” or “Hey Google, when does the pool close?” Some hotels should then even offer a quick checkout or surveys for guests via the Google Assistant have ready how you could make your stay even more beautiful. It should also be possible for hotels to query any promotions or special offers directly via the Google Assistant.


In addition, YouTube can be accessed and, via a Bluetooth connection, guests can also play their own music on the smart display. If the hotel is so “modern” that the rooms are equipped with smart lights, televisions and roller blinds, then guests can also control them via Google Assistant – here at the latest there will certainly be one or the other guest for whom that would be too much . In spite of all this, the protection of privacy should also be ensured:


There is no need to sign in to the device and no activity is associated with your personal account. There is no camera on the Nest Hub, and the physical microphone switch can be turned off for added privacy. No sound is ever saved, and all activity is immediately deleted from the device when it is reset for the next guest.


Currently, Google’s new hospitality service is working in hotels like Fairmont Princess in Scottsdale, Dr. Wilkinson’s Resort in Calistoga, Gale and Shelborne South Beach in Miami, Gansevoort Meatpacking and Synergy Chelsea in New York City, Hotel Zena and Viceroy DC and Village Hotels in the UK. According to Google, there are already plenty of other partnerships in the pipeline.