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Nowadays, the question of convenience and durability are two of the most commonly asked questions by people when they want to buy something that can contribute to their security and well-being. Similarly, one of the most asked questions is how they would be able to determine if the benefits provided by garage door openers are worth buying. To this end, the following discussion will discuss some of the benefits provided by garage door repair fort lauderdale openers.

Benefits provided by garage door openers

Safety: It is widely known that the garage is considered to be the most dangerous place in a house. In fact, studies have shown that almost 90% of all accidental deaths occurred in the garage. One of the main reasons for this is that most people who enter or leave a home through the garage do so wearing clothes and jewelry that are highly accessible. These tend to attract other people who come by and they may try to steal the jewelry or clothes. In most cases, leaving valuables outside of the home unattended can cause an accident, which is why it is important to secure your garage and prevent unnecessary access to it.

With garage door openers, you will always be able to close your home effectively without having to worry about stumbling on loose equipment or other objects as you close the door. For those who often leave their vehicles outside the garage, there is nothing more frustrating than arriving home only to find out that something was left inside the vehicle. With garage door openers, this problem is eliminated. You will always be able to close the garage safely. This is especially important for those who drive long distances and may need to reach their home in safety.

Durability: Garage doors are made from materials which are not very resistant to the elements. Even though weatherproof doors are available, they still cannot keep away extreme weather conditions. The doors are prone to rusting and can easily crack or break after long periods of exposure. These doors also wear out with time and must be replaced. By using this equipment regularly, homeowners can ensure that the doors will last for many years and provide them with numerous benefits.

Safety: When an accident happens, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to react immediately. This means that if there is an emergency such as a fire, for example, it is the duty of the garage door openers to help fight the fire. Openers have thermostat controls which will shut down the system if it detects that it has reached a dangerous level.

These are just some of the benefits provided by garage door openers. While many people purchase door openers to help them make their home safer and more convenient, others choose them because they provide so many benefits. While these types of doors are not necessary to keep a property safe, having one can make a property safer and more convenient. It is easy to see how the benefits provided by this technology can encourage most homeowners to purchase them. In addition to providing safety and convenience, they can also save money over time.

Mexico shelters are very different than other types of shelters. They are very small and usually only accommodate one or two people. They have a rustic charm and are often handcrafted by native people from the mountains of Mexico. In addition, unlike a lot of other types of shelters, a shelter made by Tacna in Mexico is very affordable and is actually a great option for those on a budget because you will be able to find them at very reasonable prices. 

Tacna is one of these companies. It was founded by Jose Sicurio Velasco in Tampico. He was originally a carpenter and then began offering his services to large businesses. The businesses that choose to use his services are very loyal because they know that they can count on him to offer great customer service. They also know that his workmanship is top-notch and that they can expect a very high level of quality.

The best way to locate all of these different types of companies is to simply go online. Online is where you will find all of the best deals because there are so many different companies that are looking for customers. These shelters are generally very basic and therefore you do not need to pay a lot of money to get a custom-built shelter for your home or office. There are many companies who will build them for you as well as being able to customize them to your exact specifications. Mexico shelters made by these types of companies are very inexpensive but are sturdy and long-lasting.

Accountants are trained professionals, whose main duty is to calculate financial data. Their role can be as personal assistants to an attorney or as accountants in their own firms. They use different forms of financial methods, such as the accrual and disbursement method, the income and cost method, the cash flow method, the balance sheet method, etc. They interpret these financial forms and keep a record of all the transactions that they have performed on behalf of their clients. Accountants have to prepare the financial reports that represent the business and present them to their clients for appropriate comments.



An accountant is usually a certified public accountant (CPA), a non-Certified Public Accountant (NP), or an assistant of a CPA. There are also many accountants, called bookkeepers, who are independent contractors and have to be paid by the client. A small number of accountants are also employed by a company and act as its direct employees. As an employee of a company, the accountants have no legal right to create, alter, or implement any aspect of the company’s business, but they can perform basic accounting functions. In order to become an accountant, an individual must obtain an associate degree from an accredited school, pass the examination approved by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants or the National Association of Business Examiners, and meet other educational and work experience requirements. In order to become a CPA, an individual must also pass the examinations approved by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Many accountants choose to become self-employed by establishing their own accounting firm, while others work for accounting firms or large firms. Some accountants are also employed by government agencies, such as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), or the General Services Administration (GSA). Some GSA employees include examiners, tax assessors, disability examiners, and forensic accountants.

Marketing for chiropractor is similar to the marketing process of other industries. You have to create a strong marketing strategy and make it a part of your daily routine. The key to marketing for chiropractor is your reputation and the way you go about advertising and marketing. When marketing for chiropractor you need to have a website and a blog. The main goal of a chiropractor’s website is to give potential clients information about their practice and their services. It will also allow them to meet with potential patients.

ecommerce website design blu digital solutions

When Chiropractic seo marketing  you can use your blog to share information about your practice. This information includes news, articles and other resources that will help you build your reputation. You may want to create a section on your website where you discuss updates to your practice and how they affect your practice. Your blog will allow you to connect with your readers. It will also encourage new prospects to take a look at your practice and see if it is something that will benefit them as well.

Marketing for chiropractor is the best way to increase your practice. You need to develop a business plan that is realistic. Your website and blog are the best tools that you have when you want to grow your practice. You also need to work on creating a strong marketing strategy. Your marketing strategy will include advertising and marketing your practice. You need to keep it fresh and informative so that you can continue to improve your practice. Marketing for chiropractor is vital and it can help you grow your practice.

spelling test for ielts

If you are planning to take up the examination of IELTS then you should have all the knowledge required for this exam. You can take the help of some websites which offer free IELTS help to the students. There are different syllabus in the different countries of Europe. The audio ielts spelling test is given to every student who wants to clear their English language. It helps the students to know more about the basic and the intermediate level of their English language.

If you want to pass the IELTS exam, then there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. One is the use of the dictionary, which is very important for the students. In this exam you will be required to read a number of words by yourself. This will help you get a better knowledge about the English language. The IELTS test will be made easier if you follow all the instructions which are given in the syllabus. After you pass the IELTS test, you need to go for the placement test and get an IELTS certificate. Once you are done with the test then you should choose the job as the IELTS specialist.

You will be able to find a lot of websites which provide you IELTS help to students. These websites are not only helpful for the students but also help the employers as well. These websites give you all the information about IELTS syllabus so that you can prepare yourself for the exam. There are many online IELTS help websites. You can use the internet search engine to find these websites. If you do not know how to look for these websites

Those who can support customers remotely save time-consuming and expensive on-site visits. How two start-ups support companies with digital advice.

The CNC machine is defective and no specialist in-house to repair the device on site at short notice? Where else production standstill would result – experts are rare and on-site visits difficult due to Corona – new technologies can help.

Two of them: Augmented Reality (AR) and chatbots. According to the IT Trends 2020 from the consulting company Capgemini, almost every third company in the DACH region is relying on AR or is about to do so, with chatbots even almost 40 percent. BlinkIn and Kauz , two start-ups from Telekom’s TechBoost funding program, are now taking online consulting even further.

New ventilation for hospitals in Wuhan

BlinkIn , founded in 2018, relies on visual help – whether for questions about system maintenance or the documentation of claims in insurance operations. Thanks to augmented reality, no employee has to be on site for this: customers can use a smartphone rear camera to share, diagnose and solve the problem with an expert without any pre-training or special app.

A link to any smartphone is sufficient to start a live video call or to transfer photos and videos. With artificial intelligence, the interactive instructions and visual problem analyzes can even be partially automated.

The pandemic has shown that solutions like BlinkIn will become increasingly important in the future. At the beginning of the pandemic, for example, the ventilation systems in the temporary hospitals in Wuhan, China, could only be installed with the help of BlinkIn – the fitters from the manufacturer Huber & Ranner were simply not allowed to enter.

The Dortmund pump manufacturer Wilo uses BlinkIn worldwide during the lockdown period to analyze and rectify errors. And in the long term, BlinkIn can also be used in customer service for end users, for example to find technical problems with household appliances or in the event of a car breakdown.

One chatbot, 10,000 conversations a day

If on-site support is not required, chatbots can also help. You automatically answer simple inquiries on the homepage and thus keep personal contacts free for tricky cases. Because more complex queries often only confuse conventional chatbots, the Düsseldorf start-up Kauz has optimized the speech understanding of chatbots.

“Real understanding rates in the chatbot area are often 50 to 70 percent, with us they are closer to 70 to 90 percent,” says Kauz founder and CEO Dr. Thomas Rüdel.

Big data in companies: knowledge as an important resource

The key to Kauz’s success: programming based on linguistic analyzes helps the chatbot solution to react competently, even to unusual formulations. This ensures natural communication. Rüdels claim: “The chatbot should be able to solve most of the problems intelligently and without human intervention.”

The numbers prove him right: a person has to jump to the side of a Kauz-Bot in around every fourth chat. More and more customers appreciate this: For example, more than 100 savings banks, R + V and the drugstore chain dm already use a Kauz chatbot.

According to Rüdel, Kauz chatbots are also proving themselves more and more in internal company use, where they make knowledge quickly accessible to employees with the help of their own chat and search technology.

How TechBoost supports start-ups with innovative business ideas 

Both BlinkIn and Kauz rely on simple and secure hosting in the Open Telekom Cloud (OTC). The special software architecture of the cloud environment offers additional security and flexibility.

With the TechBoost funding program , the Bonn-based group now supports more than 450 start-ups with IT resources, access to the customer network, and sales and marketing measures.

New Work is now an established concept. The step there was not easy, as the employees in particular have to be open to this. Fellow Digitals shows you how to motivate your employees to implement the digital processes.

What does an open minimum have to do with new work? Clearly: It’s the starting point! Because if your employees don’t get involved in digitization, work in the home office and try out new methods, the implementation can only fail.

For this, your employees also need a fixed place where everyone can meet (digitally) and exchange information and knowledge. Fellow Digitals’ Viadesk Social Intranet enables just that.

Experience report: This is how New Work works in practice

Fellow Digital colleague worked from Canada for almost three weeks , which allowed them to put the company’s New Work concept and Viadesk Social Intranet through their paces.

The basic requirement was primarily digital tools so that she could work on projects with colleagues.
In an extreme way, it became clear what is also reflected in the trends in cooperation in companies: In general, cooperation in companies is changing more and more. There is more chatting here instead of quickly walking next door and speaking in person.

The physical distances are also getting bigger: some of the colleagues are working more and more in the home office, others maybe even in another city and are rarely in the office. But collaboration between different countries is also seamless thanks to digital tools.

Thanks to the social intranet, spatial distance is not a problem

Working transparently on a social intranet , in which everyone openly communicates their current projects and new ideas, meant that spatial distance was not a problem. Everything that is shared there is available to colleagues to read.

Other applications can also be integrated. The focus and the daily team meeting point is the social intranet – easily accessible for everyone and clearly structured by the various groups.

Fellow Digitals: New Work through Digitization

A modern social intranet connects people, information and processes. Employees and external persons can communicate, work together and exchange knowledge with one another in an intuitive way. The intranet is mobile, guarantees the security of documents and personal data and can be easily and flexibly combined with other tools and systems.

The Viadesk Social Intranet is a SaaS platform (Software-as-a-Service). Here you can start immediately, without worrying about installation and associated costs, IT management, updates and maintenance. The cloud solution gives you the greatest possible efficiency and cost-effectiveness, and above all: flexibility.

Every employee can access the platform at any time and on any device and work seamlessly with others. These are exactly the prerequisites for New Work to work in a company.

Communication is the key to success

As in most areas of life, communication is the key. If employees can exchange ideas with one another and if there is sufficient communication between employees and managers, this is the best prerequisite.

Working from Canada would not have been so easy without the tools from Fellow Digitals. Even during the Corona crisis, it became clear that a functioning infrastructure is important for every company. This guarantees flexibility and security for employees and gives them the opportunity to break new ground.

If you would like more information about the Viadesk Social Intranet, you will find everything here about implementing New Work in your company.

In times of corona and digitization, teamwork is becoming more and more complicated. You don’t see each other as often, agreements are usually made over the phone or emails and misunderstandings are inevitable. We have five tips for you on how to work better in a team.

The most important foundation is a shared online storage that every team member has access to. With Teamplace , your team gets exactly that:

1. Cloud storage

Sufficient storage space in the cloud is an absolute must – especially in larger companies where different teams work on joint projects, the need for a flexible solution to share and efficiently manage files, images and documents is increasing.

This is exactly what Teamplace offers : With the platform, you get an intuitive and simple solution to provide all team members with storage space in the cloud as required . With two five GB workspaces, the so-called teamplaces, you get extensive storage space for your first projects completely free of charge. As part of the bonus model, you can secure additional free team places.

2. Edit documents online

One of the biggest contributors to improved teamwork is online editing. All other members can follow all work steps, recognize extensions and see progress. All team members can edit texts, presentations, tables and other Office files directly online. With Microsoft Office 365 and the free Libre Office, two Office solutions are seamlessly integrated into Teamplace.

Install the Teamplace Desktop App on your Mac or PC for offline access to team files. Teamplace will then be linked as a local drive on your computer and folders and files of the selected project will be continuously synchronized. An activity stream informs all team members about activities that have taken place.

3. Different file formats

Not everyone works with the same file formats. It is therefore important that different formats are supported. With Teamplace, hardly any file format is left out. The solution supports common Office formats such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint files as well as PDFs, RAW formats, videos and even 360 ° recordings.

4. Privacy

If all data is to be stored in a cloud, data protection is particularly important. As a German company and with servers in Germany, Teamplace strictly adheres to national data protection laws and the provisions of the European General Data Protection Regulation.

5. Different needs

Not every team is the same size and has the same needs. For this reason, it is particularly important that you and your team decide on a solution individually. Teamplace has tailor-made teamplaces. The basic version is completely free.

Simply register, create Teamplace and you can start right away. Each Teamplace contains five GB of storage space for a total of ten users and everything you need to collaborate around files.

Test the extensive functions of Teamplace immediately and convince yourself of the free solution for your teamwork.

Actually, Apple wanted to activate a new tracking protection with iOS 14, which could have caused massive problems for app operators. But now the company is backing down – and is postponing the change to 2021. Is Apple kissing Facebook and Co.?

Just recently, Apple made a big announcement that it would  install a new tracking protection with the update to iOS 14 in autumn 2020. According to this, Facebook and Co. users first had to ask for permission to track their data for advertising purposes.

The measure could have completely changed the advertising industry. Because if users had not consciously reactivated tracking, app operators would no longer have been able to display personalized advertising. The personal data were missing as a basis for this.

Apple is rowing back: Tracking protection won’t come until 2021

But now Apple has published a blog entry in which the company is backtracking with its plans for the time being.

The company recognized that the short-term change would have posed major challenges for many app developers. Apple wants to give them “more time” to prepare for tracking protection and to find alternatives to the previously simple data collection.

That is how the official justification reads. For example, Facebook reacted to the original announcement by Apple with severe criticism. The social network claimed that its advertising revenue could fall by as much as 50 percent.

Tracking protection: is Apple cuddling up to Facebook and Co.?

The question now, however, is whether Apple really decided to postpone the tracking protection to 2021 – or whether Facebook and Co. have not put pressure on the company.

In theory, Apple itself could not have cared whether it released the update this fall or 2021. The company has exempted its own advertising platform from the regulation anyway.

Apple also emphasizes its belief that technology should protect our privacy rights. The company still wants to give developers enough time to prepare for the new tracking protection.

Unofficially, Facebook and Co. could have put enough pressure on Apple that the company postponed its update to 2021 rather involuntarily.

Here’s how to manually limit ad tracking

When exactly the tracking protection should come next year, it is not clear from the blog entry. If you want to restrict ad tracking on your iPhone now , you can do so in the settings .

There you select ” Data protection ” and scroll down to the bottom. Under “ Advertising ” you can now activate the slider for “ Limit ad tracking ”.

If you want, you can also reset your ad identification number. You will then receive less or no personalized advertising.

In the “ Start-up-Check! “We regularly examine the business models of start-ups. Who is behind the company? What makes the start-up so special and what is there to criticize? Today: ChargeX.

Start-ups. That sounds like inventiveness, future technologies, new markets. But in reality, many of the start-ups unfortunately often turn out to be a mixture of an e-commerce idea, haphazard founders and shaky future prospects.

They certainly exist: the pioneers who tinker with the big problems and revolutionize business models. Finding and presenting these is the task of the Start-up-Check format. Today: ChargeX from Munich.

Who is ChargeX?

The need for charging options for electric cars is increasing continuously. This applies to fleet operators, car dealers, large companies, hotels and parking garages. But of course also for private households.

Charging stations usually have to be cabled in a complex manner. They are also very expensive. It becomes particularly difficult if several parties want to charge their vehicle at the same time. Because then it can happen that the power grid is quickly overloaded.

ChargeX from Munich has developed an intelligent solution with the so-called Aqueduct that solves this problem. The system consists of a modular, expandable charging station that works like a multiple socket and automatically distributes the charge with a time delay.

The vehicles are thus infected. The integrated load management then controls the charging process over a longer period of time. Behind the start-up are Tobias Wagner, Michael Masnitza and Johannes Engeln, who started developing their charging station concept in 2017.

The idea itself arose from everyday life with an electric car. For example, there were very few charging points available at a previous employer. An expansion would have been very expensive and time-consuming.

The founders were convinced that they would not be the first to face this problem. From the idea of ​​developing a kind of multiple socket for e-cars, today’s Aqueduct was created after several prototypes.

ChargeX has already applied for a patent for the system. However, so far the confirmation is missing. According to the founders, the product itself has been in use since mid-2019. The cost: 3,999 euros for the starter kit consisting of four modules. An expansion module is available for 999 euros.

In August 2020, the founders had already sold 300 modules. Thus they were able to generate almost 350,000 euros in sales. A calibration-compliant Pro version can currently also be pre-ordered.

The Aqueduct is also well received by automobile sizes. In 2018, the founders successfully completed their first station at the Gläserne Manufaktor in Dresden, the Volkswagen Group’s incubator.

The young company’s idea was first put into practice at the Volkswagen site there. At the same time, the start-up concluded a business angel round with a mid-six-figure sum.

At the end of August 2020, ChargeX took part in the TV show ” Die Höhle der Löwen “. Unfortunately, the start-up was unable to negotiate a deal there due to the lack of a patent.

However, interested parties can currently participate in an ongoing crowd funding campaign on the online portal Green Rocket. So far, 720,800 euros have been collected here.

In the next five years, the founders plan to scale their charging solution and install charging points across the board. ChargeX should develop into the leading provider of flexible charging infrastructure that charges electric cars in harmony with the power grid.

What does ChargeX do?

With the Aqueduct, ChargeX provides the first modular complete system for setting up several charging points for electric cars – while relieving the load on the power grid and exactly where there is actually a need.

ChargeX also offers a digital intelligent assistant for load management. This determines the needs of each driver and distributes the charging time of the e-cars accordingly.

So if three colleagues want to charge their vehicles in the underground car park of their office complex, but they have different working hours and routes, the system determines the charging requirement and distributes the electricity so that everyone can get to their destination without any problems.

What makes ChargeX so special?

To put the system into operation, all you need is a connection to the house supply. The electrician only installs the starter module. The expansion modules can be integrated without specialist knowledge.

The plug-and-play principle avoids the lengthy installation process and the laying of cables from the main line to each individual wallbox.

The integrated safety system ensures that there is no overload of the power grid. Another advantage: If a module is defective, only this device has to be replaced. The system itself continues to run without failures.

Load management is optimized by loading according to individual needs. That means: more cars can be charged per connection than with conventional solutions.

Depending on the power grid and which vehicle should drive again when, the electricity is distributed to the individual vehicles over the time available until departure.

The system is also self-learning and recognizes potential for modular expansion. It thus supports customers in assessing future needs.

Each user can also receive an individual charging pass on request. He is then authorized to start the charging process. Users can also store further information about the vehicle and the charging profile. The charged energy is billed automatically in the background.

With the so-called Priority Pass, customers benefit from a range of around 100 kilometers (20 kilowatt hours). These are given priority in the electric car. The process can be repeated up to five times.

The Charging Assistant, which should be available from the end of 2020, supports customers on longer journeys or special departure times. It not only shows the current amount of energy, but also helps with route planning.

Are there any points of criticism?

ChargeX definitely has great potential. On the one hand, the global market for charging infrastructures is valued at around 4.5 billion euros this year. 2025 even with 16 billion euros.

On the other hand, controlled charging over several hours is ideal for use at airports, Park & ​​Ride car parks, in shopping centers or large companies. So it’s no wonder that the ChargeX team has already won over major customers such as Volkswagen, Thüga and Veolia.

However, you have to take into account that only one vehicle is charged at a time. This is due to the usual capacity of the main connection. The real limiting factor in the system is time. If enough time is available for the charges, eight charges are also possible.

Aqueduct should also be around 50 percent cheaper than the competition. What sounds good at first, can be seen in relative terms, however, as the price ranges of the wallboxes are very large – depending on their functionality.

Of course, companies still benefit because, compared to other manufacturers, they avoid the high and complex initial investments thanks to the modular concept. There are further plus points, as the system can be expanded as required.


With their innovative smart charging concept, the three founders want to actively shape the energy transition, reduce emissions in the transport sector and make the electric car accessible to everyone with a comprehensive charging infrastructure.

They follow the motto: Every parking space is at some point a loading space. That alone deserves a big thumbs up.

I keep my fingers crossed for ChargeX that they can build on their previous success in the future and thus make a valuable contribution to our environment. And of course it remains to be hoped that their concept will soon be patented.