Fellow Digitals: This is how everyone can contribute new work to the company

New Work is now an established concept. The step there was not easy, as the employees in particular have to be open to this. Fellow Digitals shows you how to motivate your employees to implement the digital processes.

What does an open minimum have to do with new work? Clearly: It’s the starting point! Because if your employees don’t get involved in digitization, work in the home office and try out new methods, the implementation can only fail.

For this, your employees also need a fixed place where everyone can meet (digitally) and exchange information and knowledge. Fellow Digitals’ Viadesk Social Intranet enables just that.

Experience report: This is how New Work works in practice

Fellow Digital colleague worked from Canada for almost three weeks , which allowed them to put the company’s New Work concept and Viadesk Social Intranet through their paces.

The basic requirement was primarily digital tools so that she could work on projects with colleagues.
In an extreme way, it became clear what is also reflected in the trends in cooperation in companies: In general, cooperation in companies is changing more and more. There is more chatting here instead of quickly walking next door and speaking in person.

The physical distances are also getting bigger: some of the colleagues are working more and more in the home office, others maybe even in another city and are rarely in the office. But collaboration between different countries is also seamless thanks to digital tools.

Thanks to the social intranet, spatial distance is not a problem

Working transparently on a social intranet , in which everyone openly communicates their current projects and new ideas, meant that spatial distance was not a problem. Everything that is shared there is available to colleagues to read.

Other applications can also be integrated. The focus and the daily team meeting point is the social intranet – easily accessible for everyone and clearly structured by the various groups.

Fellow Digitals: New Work through Digitization

A modern social intranet connects people, information and processes. Employees and external persons can communicate, work together and exchange knowledge with one another in an intuitive way. The intranet is mobile, guarantees the security of documents and personal data and can be easily and flexibly combined with other tools and systems.

The Viadesk Social Intranet is a SaaS platform (Software-as-a-Service). Here you can start immediately, without worrying about installation and associated costs, IT management, updates and maintenance. The cloud solution gives you the greatest possible efficiency and cost-effectiveness, and above all: flexibility.

Every employee can access the platform at any time and on any device and work seamlessly with others. These are exactly the prerequisites for New Work to work in a company.

Communication is the key to success

As in most areas of life, communication is the key. If employees can exchange ideas with one another and if there is sufficient communication between employees and managers, this is the best prerequisite.

Working from Canada would not have been so easy without the tools from Fellow Digitals. Even during the Corona crisis, it became clear that a functioning infrastructure is important for every company. This guarantees flexibility and security for employees and gives them the opportunity to break new ground.

If you would like more information about the Viadesk Social Intranet, you will find everything here about implementing New Work in your company.