5 tips on how teamwork can work even better

In times of corona and digitization, teamwork is becoming more and more complicated. You don’t see each other as often, agreements are usually made over the phone or emails and misunderstandings are inevitable. We have five tips for you on how to work better in a team.

The most important foundation is a shared online storage that every team member has access to. With Teamplace , your team gets exactly that:

1. Cloud storage

Sufficient storage space in the cloud is an absolute must – especially in larger companies where different teams work on joint projects, the need for a flexible solution to share and efficiently manage files, images and documents is increasing.

This is exactly what Teamplace offers : With the platform, you get an intuitive and simple solution to provide all team members with storage space in the cloud as required . With two five GB workspaces, the so-called teamplaces, you get extensive storage space for your first projects completely free of charge. As part of the bonus model, you can secure additional free team places.

2. Edit documents online

One of the biggest contributors to improved teamwork is online editing. All other members can follow all work steps, recognize extensions and see progress. All team members can edit texts, presentations, tables and other Office files directly online. With Microsoft Office 365 and the free Libre Office, two Office solutions are seamlessly integrated into Teamplace.

Install the Teamplace Desktop App on your Mac or PC for offline access to team files. Teamplace will then be linked as a local drive on your computer and folders and files of the selected project will be continuously synchronized. An activity stream informs all team members about activities that have taken place.

3. Different file formats

Not everyone works with the same file formats. It is therefore important that different formats are supported. With Teamplace, hardly any file format is left out. The solution supports common Office formats such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint files as well as PDFs, RAW formats, videos and even 360 ° recordings.

4. Privacy

If all data is to be stored in a cloud, data protection is particularly important. As a German company and with servers in Germany, Teamplace strictly adheres to national data protection laws and the provisions of the European General Data Protection Regulation.

5. Different needs

Not every team is the same size and has the same needs. For this reason, it is particularly important that you and your team decide on a solution individually. Teamplace has tailor-made teamplaces. The basic version is completely free.

Simply register, create Teamplace and you can start right away. Each Teamplace contains five GB of storage space for a total of ten users and everything you need to collaborate around files.

Test the extensive functions of Teamplace immediately and convince yourself of the free solution for your teamwork.